What is FightRO?!

The name gives it away, FightRO is all about fighting eachother! That's right, we are here to offer the PvP fanatics the perfect server. FightRO will bring you continuous competition and always gives you something to do! Challenge other players in our PvP arenas, or test your team-work in the exciting events such as the War Of Emperium and Battlegrounds, or show your skills in PvP based events, such as the Last Man Standing and the Man Hunt!

So if you are looking for a server were you can quickly participate in PvP or easily get a guild goin, search no further! FightRO will meet all those Ragnarok Online needs!

FightRO will launch the 26th of August (2014), at 00:00 server time.
News & Updates
FightRO Official Launch 23/07/2014
(Open) FightRO GM Application 12/07/2014

Name :
Kills/Death : /

Name : FightRO Staff
Leader : Cybele
Castle Time & Day
Prontera 1 [Kriemhild] 07:00 - 08:00 [Sunday]
Payon 1 [Bright Arbor] 13:00 - 14:00 [Tuesday]
Aldebaran 4 [Wuerzburg] 19:00 - 20:00 [Thursday]
Geffen 4 [Bergel] 01:00 : 02:00 [Saturday]