ThrillRO is a newly released and unique low rate Ragnarok Online private server. We want to give our players a fun-filled and enjoyable time playing here in ThrillRO, by offering our players a wide variety of events and activities to take part in. We balance out both PvE and PvP to give players the ability to gain levels and gear up in whichever way they enjoy the most. Whether you wish to socialize, explore dungeons or fight other players, we excel at it all!

But what's with the name?

Unlike most low rates, we've decided to stick to the default 1x rates that Ragnarok Online originally offers. Not to torture our players with an long grind to the max level, but to (to an extent) re-create the game in a way that no one has ever seen before. Please visit the information page to learn more about it.

Did we trigger your attention? Well then, come and join the thrill of ThrillRO!